Cruising Through Colombia


Finally I was ready to leave the safe haven of the “Casa de Ciclistas” in Tumbaco, and pedal to my final country: Colombia!     But first it was time to get sick again, the third time on this trip

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Entertaining Ecuador


Wonderful people! Here comes an update from the road towards the Caribbean Sea! After more than two months in Peru I was very excited to enter Ecuador. A sudden change in culture and behavior occurred once again when crossing the

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Northern Peru: A Little Bit Of Everything


After some motionless days in the oasis, the journey continued north, following the Pan American Highway on the coast of Peru. I was eagerly looking forward to the soothing southern winds of the Peruvian coast that all the other cyclists

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Leaving The Mountains


I met up with Martin, my good friend and cycling partner, in Cusco. We started our journey together with going to some of the many Inca ruins situated in the vicinity of Cusco. It would take too long time to

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In The Mountains Of Peru


After having recuperated from my stomach sickness, I was ready to leave La Paz and the amazing “Casa De Ciclistas”, where I met many inspiring and friendly cyclists. By far the best information you get is from other cyclists, whether

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Cycling The Bolivian Altiplano


The last couple of weeks have been testing to say the least, with challenging cycling routes, bad weather, high altitude, culture change and severe stomach problems. I left my awesome host Jaime (and my guitar) in Antofagasta and headed towards

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The Panamerican Highway: From Valparaiso To Antofagasta


I left Limache to head north on “Ruta 5”, also known as “The Pan American Highway”. This road is a two-lane highway from Santiago to La Serena, and is actually prohibited to cycle on. It’s quite ironic, because this is

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Crossing The Andes: From Mendoza To Valparaiso


It’s been a while since the last time I wrote, so this will be a story with two chapters. I left Mendoza on the 24th of December, hoping that the Christmas celebrations would lower the traffic intensity. People sure like

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Hot And Dry


Finally I have arrived to Mendoza, which means I’ve left Patagonia behind. Since leaving Bariloche I’ve done about 1300 km, the distances here are very, very long… Mostly the landscape has been quite monotonous, but just north of Bariloche I

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Carretera Austral: Beautiful And Challenging Mountains


A lot has happened since the last time I wrote, and I’ll try to squeeze it all in here! I left Chile Chico relieved of not having to battle through relentless winds anymore, and the landscape quickly changed from arid

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Patagonia: Traumatized By The Wind


Hey wonderful people! First of all I want to thank you all for the great feedback I got on the first post, this gives me a lot of good energy which is needed when it’s tough going on the bike

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Tierra Del Fuego: A Tough Start


Finally, the first post! I arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina on the 1st of October and was greeted by my good friend Adam and his girlfriend Lila on the airport. The flight was exhausting; First 3 hours from Copenhagen to

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